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De-Winterizing Your Summer Getaway Home

Wisconsin winters are no joke when it comes to your home, especially a home that sits unoccupied for the cold months. Each year people with summer getaway cabins and vacation homes winterize their

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Moving with Pets

It's moving day! You have all your possessions organized in boxes, labeled by room, loaded on the truck and you grab your last 2 things on the way out the door: your overnight bag and your &ldquo

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What is the Importance of Hiring a Home Inspector?

Hiring a home inspector is important for several reasons:Identifying problems: A home inspector can help identify potential problems with a property that may not be immediately visible to an

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Using Pastel Colors in Your Home

Spring is all about new life, new beginnings, and colors. After a long, dreary winter, you’re probably needing a pop of color in your life anyways and pastels are the perfect way to do just

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