Why do we use social media as a main source of advertising?

Do you sit down at the end of the day, throw your favorite television show on, pick up your phone, and scroll through your Facebook timeline? Do you do it on your lunch break at work too? How about when you are waiting in line, or when you’re in the passenger side of the vehicle with a friend?

Fortunately, or unfortunately, social media has become a very big part of our lives. Social media is where we catch up with old friends, share relatable videos and even shop secondhand items that people near you are selling!

Facebook has roughly 2.8 billion active users. BILLION. Facebook has an undeniably impressive reach. Not only do they offer an impressive reach for everyday users, but for businesses too. By offering advertising opportunities to more than 200 million businesses, Facebook has made itself one of the most popular advertising platforms.

Unlike most social media platforms, Facebook allows marketers to share on other user’s news feed, through messenger, by video or picture, and simply by adding a status. Facebook also allows marketers to track how many people each post has reached, how many people reacted and interacted with it, and the progress you have made within a timeline of your choice.

Although Facebook is one of the most popular advertising social media platforms, Instagram has been making a large impact for online marketing as well! With over 1 billion users, Instagram has become the second-best social platform to use regarding return on investment.

Overall, as a business and as a whole, we have seen a lot of quality, motivated leads come through our social media pages. These platforms allow our company and others to reach new audiences and connect with already existing customers. As of 2021, social media is now the #1 tool used by marketers!

Article courtesy of HubSpot.com

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