Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

­­­Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget-

When I had the opportunity to give this house a new life, the first thing I noticed was the floors. The beautiful woodwork that has lost its eye-catching character to everyday life and traffic. You can tell that the floors have had many feet walk across it, many couches slide on it. I knew that I had to give it back its charm. When I began planning on what I wanted to do with it, the color it would be, where I will sleep while it cures, how I will correct some of the wear and tear, I thought this was going to be the biggest project in the entire house. The time and the effort that I planned to put towards these floors was immense. This was going to be my statement piece and it was going to cover over half of the house, but as I planned the floors, all I noticed in the background was this awful, ugly, incredibly dated kitchen. That is when I realized that my floors were not going to be the biggest project to take on. It was clear that it was going to be the kitchen.

The kitchen is long and narrow, but it is not huge. The cabinets cover up most of the wall space and the rest of the wall space is covered with doors. A door to the bathroom and a door to the basement. The cabinets are flat, absolutely no texture. They have the same fixtures they came with 50 years ago. The countertops are some kind of paneling pieced together to make up the countertop AND the back splash. They used to be white with a speckled pattern, I would assume, but now they are cream, and the speckles are dark brown almost like dirt. Kitchens can be really expensive to remodel, but I have to do it for as little as possible, so I started brain storming.

If your kitchen is looking a little drab, try putting a rug down to add color and, more importantly, pattern. This helps break up the look of a one-color kitchen or can help tie in a pattern you have already existing in the room. You can also create an extra pop by adding a texture in your rug. If you are going for a more balanced look, you want to stay neutral by only doing basic patterns and only a color or two. If you are looking for a bolder look, pile on the colors and keep your texture a little quieter. This helps draw the attention to it because of the eye-catching colors.

Maybe your home has open shelves or cabinets with glass windows that look in. It is important to style your shelves with decorative and useful items. One of the first things I did in this house was rip out one of the shelves in the kitchen and put some floating shelves up. The cabinets covered the walls, and I needed a little wall space without taking away the storage it provided. I am a sucker for the farmhouse look, so I would decorate with a wire basket of some kind with potatoes in it. Decorative and functional. I would put my decorative plates there, stacked, with a pop of color. I would put a wine rack with a couple bottles of wine, and a few decorative wine glasses. I would add my sugar jars and my flour jar to the top shelf, all in different sizes. And of course, a couple potted plants to lighten up the room.

Another great way to make your kitchen stand out is by creating a coffee bar. You can bring in a shelve or a cart and decorate it with coffee mugs, a coffee maker, cute jars with your coffee, sweetener packets, and k-cups in them. If you have a space on your counter that needs a little something, you can easily decorate it into a coffee bar! When I started brainstorming for this kitchen, I came a crosse a cabinet that was used as a closet for brooms and mops and cleaning supplies and I decided that is going to be my coffee bar. You can use moveable and removeable shelves, you can use counter space, or you can even repurpose an already existing cabinet!

Adding color to your kitchen is an effective and inexpensive way to update your space. Painting cabinets that are functional and useful, but just not lovely looking can completely bring them back to life. I decided on a white sage color. I love white cabinets. I think white really brighten up a room and creates a clean space, but for my kitchen this time I decided to go with more of an earthy color scheme, so I decided on a very, very like sage color still creating the bright feel to the room and giving it a little color to break up the white walls. You would never know these cabinets are over 50 years old!

I have been seeing a lot of ads and pictures online that people are creating a focal point in their kitchen to help draw the eye all the way through the kitchen, especially if it is a long, narrow kitchen. There are a lot of different ways to create a focal point in your kitchen. You can replace the light over the sink to something that is more eye-catching or brighter. You can put in a patterned or boldly colored backsplash or update the stove hood to something that pops. I personally love a counter space reserved for cute vases with organized kitchen utensils, jars with little plants, and stacks of cookbooks. Something about making a space cute but functional is just so satisfying to me.

There are a ton of new trends when it comes to kitchen colors. Some people are saying that a warm color on the walls makes it feel inviting. The kitchen is essentially the heart of the home. It’s where people gather, where food simmers, where conversation flows. It makes sense to create an inviting space in your kitchen. Two-toned kitchens have also become very popular. My favorite trend is a high contrast kitchen. I’ve decided on the white sage cabinets, and they are very light, plus white walls and a white backsplash so the room is very light, so I’ve going with a black, shiny countertop. It is going to really stand out and create the perfect contrast of colors in the room.

The one other thing a kitchen needs to help bring it back to life: a backsplash. The best part about backsplashes is you can do them on any budget. Maybe you don’t have a ton to spend to do a backsplash in your kitchen. You can create a backsplash simply by just painting the wall. You can paint it all one color, you can paint it with a sponge to show a textured look, you can paint designs or shapes. You can use peel and stick wallpaper or the peel and stick tiles. There are so many options for backsplashes, and they are the perfect way to update your kitchen.

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