Transitioning Your Home from Summer to Fall in 2021

We do not want to wish summer or its warm weather away, but eventually that “Summer Breeze” candle is going to run out and you’re going to have to replace it with the “Warm Apple Pie” one you bought earlier this year and that “Summer lovin’” sign is going to have to come off your wall and back into its box until next year so that “Hello Pumpkin” one has a place to go.

When the weather starts to change, your house does too! You get out your thick throw blankets for those chilly nights at home, the pillows with cute sayings to replace the summer-colored ones, and that center rug that has been a statement piece the last 4 months will no longer match the rest of your home so that will have to go too. Those beautiful, bright colors that you have been decorating with the last few months will transition into those tasteful, warm, cozy neutrals!

This fall there are some decoration trends that we absolutely love, and they are perfect for transitioning between seasons!

Instead of your typical orange, red and autumn yellows, try out the muted greens, oranges, and blues. They are the perfect colors to use for your dining room table center piece, shelf decor, throw pillows, and so much more without that clique fall palette! Add some pampas to any vase that matches the aesthetic in your home, grab a burlap place mat, wooden drink coasters and some pinecones for the perfect piece on any (or all) of your tables! Those muted colors also look amazing when placed next to white walls or counter tops and near wood or wood-patterned furniture for that subtle pop of color. Your home will still look bright and open, while also having that secure, comfortable feeling.

Do you have a fireplace that isn’t being used? Try filling it with small, circular pieces of wood for that cozy, modern feel you’re looking for in your living room! Place a woven basket full of blankets near your fireplace and mount a mirror above it. Decorate the mantel to your liking with the colors of your choice and – BOOM! You have replaced that statement summer rug with a statement fireplace. Your guests are going to rave over how eye catching and welcoming it is!

Add a few finishing touches like mason jars, plastic pumpkins, fall signs, candles, or decorations you may have from years past as needed! Get everything right how you want it and you’ll be set until snow fall!

Happy decorating!

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