Transforming Wasted Space into Useful Space

Transforming Wasted Space into Useful Space -

Every home is different, so it’s important to remember that those awkward spaces can be decorated and styled in many ways, but no matter the space it should be decorated around you! Your likes, your interest, with objects you use or enjoy. For these spaces you want to use lots of textures. Bringing in items with texture draws the eye to your space, which is exactly what you want. To make an awkward space less awkward, you want to make it useful. Start by identifying what room its near/ in and why you walk past it. Here are a few ways that seem to do just the trick:

An awkward, empty space in your living room is the perfect place to store throw blankets, extra throw pillows, indoor plants, that piece of art you have laying around but have never hung up, a clock that is just collecting dust in your storage closet or that cute little table your mom insisted you take because she was getting rid of the things that she no longer had use for. A good rule to follow is to add something short, something tall, and something on the wall. A living room is a great place to decorate with you blanket latter you bought because it was so cute, but now you don’t have a great place to style it in. Add a knitted blanket and a plush throw on to it. It is best with a similar color scheme but NOT identical colors! Slide in a trunk or a bench or even that little table from your mom. Ideally you would want the texture of this ‘something short’ to be different than your ‘something tall’ to add in as much texture as you can. A wicker trunk or bench is a perfect change in texture that still works well with almost any color scheme you chose! Hang your wall art or clock just a bit higher than your ‘something tall’ and decorate with some accent pillows and greenery (even if it’s fake). Candles, books, magazines, and other small table-top items would also help decorate the space and draw your eyes and your guests’ eyes to your newly decorated space!

In my house, as you walk in the front door, there is a coat closet off to the right that just looks awkward. There are no doors on it and just does not seem ideal to be store blankets, pillows, or anything from the living room in because it is right next to the door. Here’s the plan: I am going to install some floating shelves, perfect for mail, keys, your purse, your children’s homework or even just a catch all space. I am going to leave just a little bit of space underneath the bottom shelf for either a trunk or a lattice patterned shoe rack. Then I will decorate to my liking! I’m a huge fan of candles, especially the ones I find at TJ Max in all different sizes, smells, and colors. Pair these with family photos, inspirational quotes, some potted plants, a small basket, and a couple fun decorative pieces in clusters to add depth and interest. Lastly, I plan on adding lights under each shelf to light the space and to tie it all together!

Another awkward space that is commonly one of the harder spaces to make use of would be in a kitchen, but don’t worry, I have a few ideas for that too. Adding a small table or cabinet to that odd space and putting your coffee maker on top can make for a great coffee bar. I would add a couple of floating shelves above the table to decorate with your favorite coffee mugs, kcups, coffee grounds, sugar, creamers, and of course some decorative pieces to tie the look together. (Pssst, this works for wines and liquors too if you are looking for a classy display!) The other option I really like is a unique shelf to hold your pots, pans, cute cutting boards and to display your stone cookware. I personally love dark paint in the back with wooden dowls to hold your pots and pans in place. After everything is in place, you can add a mason jar or holder for your utensils, a few cookbooks, a cheesy cooking quote and a plant to fill in the wasted space.

Last, but certainly not least, the laundry room. A lot of laundry rooms are full of wasted space whether that be because most people do not see that area of your house that often or because you’ve been neglecting that room the same way you have been neglecting the clothes that have been dried 3 time and left in the dryer for a week. Nonetheless, here are a few ideas to make use of that awkward space: Adding in shelves and a table can do wonders for your laundry room. Decorate the shelves with items like dryer balls in a basket, your iron, or other items you use in that room. Adding a table gives you a space to fold your laundry on and a space to store your laundry baskets. Placing your laundry baskets under the table creates an organized look to the room and keeps you from continuing to push the basket around the room because they always seem to be in the way. Install a fold-out hanging rack to the empty wall you planned on hanging your cheesy “Let’s get ready to tumble” sign and my favorite of all, sliding in a custom sized cabinet or shelf between you washer and dryer for your detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets!

I could go on and on all day with ideas for your home, but ultimately styling the wasted space in your home is all about what you need there to make it useful! Good luck and happy decorating!

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