Refresh Your Fireplace

Refresh Your Fireplace­

Long story short, I moved into this house, and I have 5 months to completely remodel it. I don’t have a budget per say but ­­was asked to do it for as little as possible. This house has so much charm! Beautiful trim, the perfect front porch, a breakfast nook with glass windows, and best of all the fireplace. This house, despite its charm, it has aged and shifted, but just needs the life brought back into it. I knew, the minute I saw the fireplace, it would make the perfect centerpiece for the house.

I did a lot of research. How to guides, modern styles, budget friendly fixes, you name it, I read about it. I wanted this to be the center of attention when you walk into my home. Here’s what I found:

Adding a Statement Mantel

I personally love a solid wooden mantel. No matter your preference, you want it to attract attention when you walk into the room. Bringing in warm, calming towns to your fireplace is not only eye catching but it also helps create a cozy mood to the space. Imagine all the thrifting and refurbishing you can do to create a mantel on a budget! You can use antique shelves, headboards or frames to freshen up your fireplace without breaking the bank.

Contrasting Colors

Painting the area around your fireplace a complementary shade makes your fireplace a subtle focal point. Recently, people have gotten the idea that black is not as bad of a color to use in your home as your mom told you growing up. “It’s too hard to cover up when you change your mind.” “It makes your room look so much smaller.” She’s not wrong, but someone figured out that is your use it right, it can make your space so modern and cozy. That’s when I fell in love with black fireplaces. The fireplace in my house is going to be black, with a white tile on the inside, matching with the walls around the fireplace itself. I am a serious fan of black and white complimenting each other and I am loving the trend of black as an accent color!

Reclaimed Rustic

A fireplace constructed from reclaimed wood adds a large dose of warmth and drama to a room, while staying true to the rustic look. The best part about reclaimed wood is it can be cleaned and refurbished to change it up a bit to more of a shabby chic style. I like a bit of a contrast in my fireplace compared to the house. If your home is giving off a rustic style, I want a modern fireplace while still incorporating a rustic décor. This ties the whole house together while drawing your eye to the centerpiece of your home.

Glossy and Gorgeous

A high-gloss paint might be the only thing you need to bring the life back into your fireplace. By color matching with an accent color in your room or by using a black or white high-gloss paint, you have updated the look, giving it a shiny finish making it more luxe and eye catching.

Shiplap Surround

Shiplap is a trend that I am so surprised has stuck around as long as it has but is truly one of my favorite style choices. You can wrap your fireplace in shiplap bringing in a pattern and texture into your space. You can paint shiplap any color you desire or stain the wood to match your home. It is so versatile and can create many different looks for your home.

Statement-Making Tile

Patterns are coming back and in a big way! Thankfully, for the most part, we have lived and learned from the past that covering entire houses in wallpaper is just not a good idea, but similar to bangs, they come back around, and you somehow forget why you hated them before. Lucky, now we have these really great products that peel and stick and are much easier to get off than the wallpaper before. This is a great, way to incorporate statement-making tile into your fireplace without paying an arm and a leg!

Soft and Subtle Patters

If you have a lake front home, a ‘shell’ shaped pattern in beautiful in light, calming tones of blues, greens, or pale yellows. I also have been loving the trend with the octagons. I think they are so simple, but still catch your eye enough to do a double take.

There are so many DIY projects you can do to freshen up your fireplace and so many budget friendly updates you can do to help modernize your space. Do a little research, look at A LOT of pictures, and decide what works best for you and your home!


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