Protecting Your Home from Water Damage: Cleaning Your Gutters

Your gutters might seem like a minor part of the house, but they play a major role when it comes to saving your roof and not ruining your foundation. You want to make sure your gutters are in tiptop shape all year round to avoid that big problem later on!

According to Beth Allen, DIY specialist, licensed contractor, and founder of DIY Hip Chicks, keeping your gutters clean and unblocked can be the difference in saving your roof and foundation or having to fix/ replace it! By cleaning your gutters regularly, you can prevent roof damage in the winters, basement flooding, especially during the really rainy seasons, mold and mildew growth can be avoided both inside and outside your home and can help prevent damage to your home’s facia and wood framing.

Although gutters do not seem like a major priority when it comes to your home, they are a major savior when in comes to your wallet! The water damage that can happen from simply not cleaning your gutters can be very expensive to fix, not to mention very stressful. This can be easily avoided with just a few supplies and a little time!

You will need a reliable ladder, a bucket, a scoop of some kind, a garden hose, a metal coat hanger, a sponge, and gutter accessories if you would like!

Start by using your scoop to get out all the dry and wet ‘gross stuff’ and empty it into your bucket. Once all the leaves and mud and guck are out of your gutters, run your garden house all the way around, including down the side where the gutter drops to the ground. If it seems to be getting clogged, use your metal coat hanger to unclog it and allow all the water to drain. If you can hear the dripping from the gutters, place a sponge at the bottom, but know that this is just a temporary fix and that if it continues, you will have to clean and unclog the gutters again!

Allen also mentions that gutter guards are a great idea for homeowners to invest in! They are easy to install, just snap them onto the edge of the gutters. These keep most of the leaves and other debris out of the gutter, making it easier for the water to drain properly and avoiding any unnecessary damage to your home!

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