How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent:

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent:

You have decided to sell your house and now you need to find the right person to help you get the job done. You need an agent! Picking the right agent isn’t always the easiest task. As most people know, you do not always mesh well with everyone and in the home selling process you want to make sure that the agent you are working with understand your wants and needs when it comes to getting your house sold and off the market. We have a few tips to help you out!

Gather Referrals:

There are A LOT of agents out there. You may even have friends or family in the business. Ask around! Check with your friends from down the road that just sold their home and check with your aunt from a few towns over that just bought her dream home. You want an agent who is very familiar with your area and the areas that surround yours. The reason you want someone who knows the area is because if they’ve spent time in the area, they’ll know how to market your house there.

Test Their Communication Skills:

From personal experience, we often receive office calls from people who just want to speak to an agent about selling their home. A lot of times this is one of many calls that they make and that is absolutely okay! Like you, we also want to mesh well with our clients because this makes for the best, easiest, and most successful transactions. We truly do appreciate a dedicated seller that wants the best for their home’s sale.

Once you have some potential candidates, email them or call their office, then sit back and wait. How responsive are they? If their day is packed and they need an hour until they can sit down and chat, do they explain that? Do they schedule a time to meet in person? Did they come prepared with a marketing plan and their listing presentation? Did they fill you in on the duties of their office staff and how they benefit your sale? To us, it is so important that you have all the material you need to make the best decision when deciding who you want to list your house!

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent:

Initially, the conversation with a prospective listing agent, is often like a job interview! Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions right away. Luckily for you, and for that agent, they are use to interview, styled meetings and conversations. This is something that they prepare for, especially when it comes to listing your home. We want to make sure that you trust us, as agents and as their staff, to sell your home and we know that it requires lots of questions and reassurance to get there! Here are a few questions that we hear a lot that we feel are very beneficial for our sellers to ask:

How long have you been in business? Although we do not always recommend it, it is not a bad idea to aim towards an agent with 2 years of experience. 2 years is long enough to learn the ropes and finesse their marketing and selling plans. Time on the job is money in your pocket, right? Luckily for our team, and for their clients, we have an experienced transaction and marketing coordinator that helps add to each agent’s experience level because while some agents spend half of their time marketing and doing paperwork, our team agents get to focus their time on their clients and their client’s homes.

How many houses did you sell last year? According to you should look for agents with double-digit sales. This definitely depends on your area and the kind of market you are in, but a sales number in the double-digits is certainly from a motivated agent.

How will you use social media? Your agent should be using social media to advertise your home. As a brokerage, our agents advertise on Facebook Marketplace and also have a marketing coordinator marking advertisements and editing photos of your home for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, our website, and for 3rd party sites that pull your homes listing such as Zillow and

What offline materials do you use? While most marketing is done online now, you agent and their brokerage should still make use of tried-and-true methods like fliers, yard signs, and newspaper ads. These are especially beneficial when hosting a open house.

Finally, don’t assume that the most experienced, or most expensive or inexpensive agent is the one for you or that they are always going to do the best work. Agents work at different price points and some may even take a lower commission, but truthfully you want an agent confident enough to stick by their prices because they understand that the work they put in for you if worth their time.

A broker out of Texas said, “Think about this: If the agent can’t even negotiate to protect their own money, how likely do you think it will be for them to go to bat to protect your money?

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