Hot Mess Home Office

Hot Mess Home Office

No other room in your home has gotten the work out your home office has in the last couple of years! Some of you may have been working from your kitchen table, or maybe you have a small table that fits perfectly on you lap and you have been working from you couch, but whatever the case may be, that extra bedroom you always intended to make into an office or the office you never intended to make into a storage room is a HOT MESS. Let’s fix that!

Clear the clutter:

Chances are this room has been a little neglected lately. You probably have not had as many guests staying in there and it has likely collected some dust and if you have been using it as a storage room, I can guarantee you do not want you Christmas tree box under your desk or your tote of snow pants, mittens, and hats in front of your computer. Now is the perfect time to donate the unused books you swore you were going to read. Now is the perfect time to find a home for the decorations you only use once a week. Give yourself a clean space to work your magic because working from home doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon!

Pick you decor:

Depending on what you do for work and how much space you need, you should pick a desk accordingly. Personally, I love a large, antique styled desk, placed in the center of the room. I do not need drawers for my office supplies, but you might, so pick a desk that fits your style and your needs. Convenience is key in a home office!

Find a comfortable chair. You want something you can sit in for at least an 8-hour day! I work in an office that is directly attached to a coffee shop, which is wonderful, but it also gives me a reason to get up, walk down the hallway, grab a coffee and stretch my legs. Unfortunately, or fortunately for my wallet, I do not have that luxury at home. I have fewer reasons to get up and stretch, so you will certainly want a chair you can spend most of your day sitting in. You may also want to fit it to the style of your office. I’m a sucker for a mesh office chair with wheels, plus most of the mesh styled chairs have multiple colors, so they would work perfect to match the theme of the room.

You will also want it to be decorated to your liking, just like every other room in your home! Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean it can’t be decorated and cute! Everyone has their own style, so decorate any way you want. I prefer a cozy, but bright room. For me, a dark accent wall or a dark half wall all the way around the room would be ideal. I personally love the look of exposed wood, so instead of a bookshelf or metal file storage, I would go with a floating wooden shelf look. Some of the shelves would be for my supplies, papers, and binders while the others would be filled with fake plants (because my thumb is not green what-so-ever) and other decorative items. Practical and cute!

To finish up the room, I would place a circle rug under the desk, throw a few pictures in frames, a lamp in the corner, and of course a cheesy “I work hard so my dog can have a better life” kind of quote on the wall.

Whatever your style or preferences are, clean the room and make it into the office you’ve always wanted! You deserve it. No one was expecting to be working from home full time, so you might as well make the best of it!

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