2022 Home Renovation and Decoration Trends

2022 Home Renovation and Decoration Trends

If you are remodeling your home this year, and you are like me, you have all sorts of ideas. One minute I have everything planned out and the next I’m changing my mind. We all have different styles, but sometimes mixing in your style with modern trends is the perfect way to keep your home updated.

Here are a few tips that will be popping up in 2022:

Hard working kitchen storage:

I personally love the look of open, floating cabinets, but I don’t love the need to be so organized, not to mention my bright colored, plastic Walmart dining ware would be a bit of an eye sore. Open shelves can still be used, of course, but 2022 is bringing us practical storage spaces like drawers for your pans, and pull out spice cabinets, a coffee or wine bar, or even a hidden cutting board with a garbage can underneath. In 2022, we are looking for convenience and innovation in the kitchen!

Lantern styled lighting:

Using this modern styled light and matching it with your color scheme will keep your space updated while also giving some of the ‘boring’ touches like lighting fixtures a pop! In the home I am remodeling, my kitchen and breakfast nook will be while, cabinets a beautiful light sage green, and the cabinet’s handles a copper color, paired with a modern matte black countertop. My breakfast nook is the perfect spot for a lantern light with copper accents!

Shiplap walls:

Honestly, I am a huge fan of ship lap, in fact, I’ve always really liked the look it gives a home. As much as I love the way it looks, I’m surprised homeowners are bring it back in 2022. Shiplap has been trending for a few years now, but if you ask me it’s timeless and can be matched with any style in a house!

Nature inspired colors:

This year blues and greens are going to be a huge hit! In the last few years, homeowners have been sticking to the whites and greys, and those aren’t going anywhere, but we’re starting to bring back a little bit of color into our homes! Personally, I love what an accent wall brings to a room. White gives me clean and bright vibes, but something about an earthy color to bring warmth into a cool room makes me feel so much for at home. My home office is going to have a beautiful half wall, sporting a modern steel blue running all the way around the walls. My laundry room is going to be white with an muted rust colored accent wall. Clean, declutter, spacious. (And the accent wall to, hopefully, motivate me to fold the laundry that’s been in the dryer all week.)

The other surprising color trend in 2022 is… BLACK. I love it. I think black is such a wonderful accent color in the right space. My, what is now an ugly grey, fireplace is going to be black with wood details, surrounded by bright, white walls. I am all in for this black as an accent color trend.

Outdoor updates:

There are a ton of new trends for your backyard gathering space. These trends are ranging anywhere from pergolas to full blown fireplaces with seating and a grill, to a simple privacy fence and firepit. This has probably been my hardest decision so far. I have so many ideas, but still like the simple firepit with seating so I am still working on my plans for this!

Overall, there are so many new trends for this year! Do a little research, see what fits your style, and run with whatever works for you and your home!   

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