Gardening has always been a great way to get some fresh air and exercise (those bags of fertilizer are heavy!) while enjoying the miracle of making things grow. These days, as people take refuge from the novel coronavirus, those simple pleasures are more important than ever.

So it’s no wonder that lots of folks are stress-shopping for victory garden seeds and mail-ordering chicks to raise their own food—and cut back on grocery store trips.

Of course, you can wing it in the backyard by digging with an old serving spoon and kneeling on a kitchen towel when you weed, but the right gear makes gardening so much easier.

So whether you need an upgrade from your mother’s hand-me-down tools or you’re a novice green thumb who wants to sow in style, here are the top 10 must-haves when tending a home veggie patch or flower beds.

1. Garden gloves

Do some weeding with this gorgeous pair.Word to the wise: You never know what you’ll run into when you’re upturning dirt.”Get some protection for your hands by shopping for gloves that are durable but not too cumbersome, because you’ll be working with seeds and seedlings,” says Susan Brandt, the green thumb at Blooming Secrets.This pretty pair is made from tough nylon, comes in three sizes.